About the Statewide Independent Living Council of Hawai’i

The Mission of SILC-Hawaii is:

To promote independent living and the integration of persons with disabilities into the community and to aid individuals in achieving their goals and basic human rights.

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living means controlling and directing your own life, taking risks and being allowed to succeed and fail on your own terms. The Independent Living philosophy advocates for participation in community life and the pursuit of activities of ones own choosing.

Choice and Inclusion

Independent living is what you decide it is.

a) Self-direction: “Being able to make decisions”
Independent living is about the freedom to make choices. Individuals with disabilities have the right to decide about his or her own life even when they may need assistance in their daily activities.

b) Empowerment: “Living to one’s fullest potential”
Independent living is the process of a person with a disability taking control over all aspects of his or her life and taking responsibility for their consequences.

c) Not being dependent: “Not needing help from others”
Independent living means living on one’s own and doing things for oneself with no or minimal assistance.

d) Interdependence: “it’s not about independence anymore”
Independent living means reaching the same degree of freedom as “our non-disabled peers”