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ThemissionoftheStatewideIndependentLivingCouncilofHawaii isto promote independent living and the integration of persons with disabilities into the community and to aid individuals in achieving their goals and basic human rights.

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Statewide Independent Living Council of Hawai'i (SILC) has council members that are appointed by the Governor. The majority of council members are persons with disabilities from communities statewide. The SILCI is a not for profit, non-Governmental, consumer controlled organization. The SILC works closely with Centers for Independent Living (CILs), the Designated State Entity (DSE) and consumers statewide to develop the three year State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) as required by the Rehab Act of 1992, as amended. The council supports the independent living philosophy for everyone especially people with disabilities who expect equal access to employment, social, economic and political opportunities in their communities. The council also provides support and technical assistance to CILs in Hawai`i.

SILC Council Members

Sheryl Nelson, Executive Director

SILC Members

Officers 2016A young girl in a wheelchair.
Jenny Hausler, Chair
Beverly Wong, Vice Chair
Yvonne S. Foster, Secretary
Laura Tobosa, Treasurer

Albert H. Perez, Ex-Officio Non-Voting Member
Tammy Evrard, Ex-Official Non-Voting Member
Candice Carter
Ann Lemke
Donald Sakamoto

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